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winlogoMAC OS X 10.7 Users can use the popular freeware program SABnzbd.





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dotDOWNLOAD SABNZBD TUTORIAL <-My Step-By-Step guide on how to setup 'Freeware' Sabnzbd Version 2.3.7 and above. (.pdf format) (contains Tweaknews settings) - THIS IS A BROWSER BASED PROGRAM.

Last Updated: 15th January 2019


 dotDOWNLOAD NEWSLEECHER TUTORIAL <-My Step-By-Step guide on how to setup Newsleecher's Newsreader. Including help on file searching.
(Settings for Tweaknews) - THIS IS A GUI BASED PROGRAM.

NOTE: This program has been in limbo for 2+ years, so until they release a new version this tutorial will not be available.

Last Updated: 8th February 2015



dotDOWNLOAD PARity TUTORIAL <-My Step-By-Step guide on how to deal with PARity files. (.pdf format) - Obsolete! No longer needed by the above newsreaders, but sometimes required when the newsreader has issues for some reason.

Last updated: Currently being updated


How to make a new alt.*.newsgroup.

dotDOWNLOAD MY CONTROL MESSAGE GUIDE <-My tutorial on how to get a newly created Newsgroup added to your Usenet provider. (.pdf format)

Last Updated: Currently being updated



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